A Practical Way to Thank Veterans & Their Families ❤️

IMG_1435A practical way to thank Veterans and their families is to make a meal with your kiddos for a family whose loved one is deployed. Write thank you notes for the family and send a care package to the one serving. Or, bring a meal to a veteran who’s close by and include a thank you note to show gratitude.

To the men and women who give so much to serve and protect us – Thank You. We are so grateful for you and are praying for you.

For those who remain at home while your loved ones serve – Thank You. Even though you might feel unnoticed, we see you too. We see the sacrifices you make, and we are so grateful.

Lord, may your perfect peace and protection cover veterans everywhere. Be with families of those deployed as they experience the daily chores, and ups and downs, while their loved ones serve. Remind them they are not alone. Give us eyes to see and encourage them. Fill veterans and their families with the power of your mighty hand, your love, and your joy. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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