Because the Lord Loves You ❤️

To my daughters and son,

On our thirteenth wedding anniversary, I want you to know, there is no other person I would pick to walk through life with than your daddy. No other person I would want to marry. No other person I would want to be my best friend.

When my pastor asked your daddy why he wanted to marry me, do you know what he said?

“I want to grow old with her.”


One day, as you consider marriage, look for someone you want to grow old with and who wants to grow old with you.

And look for these qualities I have found in your dad…

Humility. He pushes attention away from himself, doesn’t seek it, and doesn’t need to be spoken about.

Loyal. Your father only has eyes for me. He makes me feel cherished, at times with words, but mostly with actions. Because he always chooses me. Through the conflicts, he chooses me. Through the joys, he chooses me. Always.

Dependable. Your daddy follows through. He does what he says he’ll do. He isn’t a man of empty words. He is a man who fulfills his words.

Integrity. Your daddy chooses the higher road time and time again, when eyes are on him and when they are not.

Compassion. When he sees a need, he quietly helps, without needing to speak about it.

Confident. Your father knows who he is. He is not swayed by others. He does not cave to the opinions or actions of others.

Funny. Your dad makes me laugh daily. From our first date to now, he fills the small and big things with humor.

Wise. He doesn’t seek after things or money to find fulfillment. He knows that time together and the Lord fulfill.

Present. Your Daddy is present and wants to spend time with us. Family is first to him.

Genuine. Your father says what he means and means what he says.

Godly. Your daddy is a man who loves the Lord. He isn’t perfect – no one is, but he seeks Jesus. He trusts Jesus. He calls out to him. Faithfully.

As you grow older and make friends and consider someone to marry, look for the qualities I have found in your daddy, and aim to be this kind of person as well.



Lord, when we’re tired and frustrated, please calm our hearts and help us love our kids well. Thank you for your awesome grace that covers all. Help us speak life & love into our kids today. In Jesus’ name, amen. ❤️

This saying came to me after reading the story in the Rhyme Bible from Luke 12 over and over to my kids when they were younger. It’s the story of “the rich fool” who wanted “more, more, more,” but was never satisfied.

Jesus reminds us in Luke 12:15 that, “Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” Jesus beckons us to more than the here. To live a life of selflessness, giving, and love…”The life that is truly life.” Lord, help our kids and us live and love like that. ❤️




It’s easy to be stuck on thinking things happen or don’t happen because of what we can offer.

But, friends, one of the beautiful things about the Lord is that he doesn’t see things as the world sees. He knows us inside and out, created us, and longs to be with us, not because of how much we can offer, but simply because he loves us.

What the Lord longs for isn’t necessarily numbers, charisma, being “the best”, but rather a humble, honest heart that seeks after him.

2 thoughts on “Because the Lord Loves You ❤️”

  1. Hi Linsey,

    I retired in May from my position as Women’s Ministry Director at Reston Bible Church. I’d like to continue to receive your emails. Would you please change my email to

    Thanks, Marsha Mathews

    1. Hi, Marsha! Thanks so much. You actually need to sign yourself because I can’t sign anyone up. But, I’ll email you too to let you know in case you don’t see this comment.

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