Welcome! I’m a wife, Mama to triplets, Author & Speaker.
I love encouraging families in following Jesus and His
words, to love God and love others. You can find my new
Mother-Daughter devotional at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
ChristianBook.com, Target and Books-A-Million.

I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to write for the
following places (You can find some of my
articles and talks below).

Speaking & Interviews

The Bible for Kids Podcast (30 minutes)

Kbrite Radio Interview (20 minutes)

Talk for 5-18 year old girls for American Heritage Girls Conference (10 minutes):

Togather Podcast Guest – Episode 68 (40 minutes)

Testimony on Choosing Faith (10 minutes)

MOPS Talk on Parenting & Faith (30 minutes)

Published Articles

5-Day Devotion on YouVersion – 5 Simple Ways to Love Your Kids Like Jesus

Teaching Your Children to Love Others

5 Creative Ways to Point Our Kids to Jesus

Believing in Your Kids When They Mess Up Changes Everything

Finding Age-Appropriate Books for Our Kids

It Happened So Quickly

Sometimes Kids Have Bad Days too

The Power in Parenting with Stories

Story of My Daughter’s Time in the NICU & Experiencing Freedom in Jesus

Pressing on through Rejection via Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly’s Blog

How Rejection Paved My Way To Publication

Jesus had an inner circle, but he talked to all people – we should too

How to Do Allowance

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