Hi there! A little bit about myself: I’m a wife, have triplets, and love encouraging families in following Jesus and his words to love God and love others. I grew up in Atlanta and graduated from Miami of  Ohio. Before having kiddos, I lived in Guatemala for almost a year leading educational awareness trips, taught Bible, math, and other subjects, to 1-_6voaJc7MYOlaRV3Z4rQUA-1elementary- and middle school- students at an inner-city Atlanta school (Atlanta Youth Academy), and directed a non-profit (Villages of Hope) which supports former foster children and homeless youth in transitional independent living.

get-attachment.aspx (1)I was ready to settle in Atlanta when … I met my husband. Since marrying Christian in 2007, we’ve moved 7 times, lived in 5 states, and our kiddos have had 17 surgeries. Some of the surgeries were serious since they were born at 29 weeks and 2.5 pounds, and some not as serious. After five months of being in the NICU, on August 25, 2011, all three of our babies were finally at home with us! IMG_2841

The reality of having triplets quickly set in with changing 20 diapers and going through 18 bottles each day! I’m thankful they’re thriving today, and in the messy (very messy) and beautiful moments, I’m so glad I’m their mommy.

unnamedI love authenticity, simplicity, and spontaneity (which can
now happen only so often having triplets!). Adventure once looked like moving to Guatemala or bungee jumping, but now it looks like taking a trip to Einstein’s Bros. Bagels. I’m a big fan of that morning cup of coffee, running, being with family and friends, and of course, writing. I love books that inspire kids to make a difference, and that is where my writing story began.

IMG_0145One summer night, my daughters were curled up reading Disney Princess Treasury books. I imagined them reading a book that focused on beautiful hearted women of the Bible. I imagined my girls wanting to imitate women who loved the Lord like Damaris, Esther, Deborah, Mary, Ruth and Tabitha. And, that is how my dream began for my devotional.

Beautiful Hearted Women of the Bible: A Creative Mother-Daughter Devotional is now available for pre-order!!! The devotional is a fun and refreshing book that encourages mothers and daughters to grow in inner beauty and to connect with one another and Jesussf6P6FBwJABgCFRDoTDR7rLVKCvJRYnrMD46PR1RweQ,cX1lg28GdvcIJkfIlebSZZGkQA7IF4vO5zflAY4a8Jc.

Throughout the writing process, I asked myself, What is my goal for my kids? What are my hopes for them in 10 years? I want my children to follow Jesus and to care most about loving the Lord and loving others. I want my choices and the way I parent to reflect that. I obviously don’t always do this, but I sure try to. This inspired me to create Beautiful Hearted Parenting on Facebook and Instagram. To receive my weekly posts via email, enter your email on the right sidebar. I hope you’ll join me in bringing Jesus’ words to life: to love the Lord and love others.