Giveaway Prize!


Comment on this post to be entered to win a prize from Amazima, a ministry that supports the people of Uganda. And, please SHARE this with friends who might have an interest in my manuscript for young girls described here…

***GOT GIRLS? If so, please click here to take my quick google survey about my manuscript, Beautiful-Hearted Women of the Bible: A Young Girl’s Treasury that I’m hoping to get published that encourages young girls to focus on inner-beauty and loving Jesus and others:

Prize Details: The contest will end Sunday, May 14th at 3pm MST. I will give away one prize, and will randomly draw a name from those who commented on this post, Instagram, and my Blog page. Once I announce the winner, s(he) will have 3 days to contact me through my Page or email: I’m sure you ladies will love the prize, and guys, this would be a great gift for your special someone! Amazima’s website:


3 thoughts on “Giveaway Prize!”

  1. Thank you for writing a blog, I am not on Facebook or Instagram. I have 2 little girls ages 5 and 8 and we look forward to reading your book someday. Praying the Lord will help you in the steps needed to publish the book.

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