Laughter & Would You Rather Questions

Isn’t laughter the best!? When we get the giggles going, usually the chaos stills. One of our very favorite ways to do this is asking “Would You Rather” questions.


30 Ridiculous Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would You Rather…

  1. Swim in ice cream or donuts?
  2. Never brush your teeth again or never take a bath again?
  3. Would you rather have stinky feet or stinky hands?
  4. Have to crawl everywhere or walk upside down everywhere?
  5. Have a cupcake-making machine in your room or a donut-making machine?
  6. Not wash your hands or hair for a month?
  7. Eat a chocolate covered cricket or a peanut-butter worm?
  8. Hiccup or burp all the time?
  9. Be able to walk on the ceiling or sideways on the wall?
  10. Have 5 noses or 5 eyes?
  11. Have green hands or green feet?
  12. Be smaller than an ant or bigger than a tree?
  13. Hop on one foot or spin everywhere you go?
  14. Have feet on your head or on your knees?
  15. Have Olaf or Snoopy for a pet?
  16. Live in a tree hole or underground prairie dog tunnel?
  17. Have noodles for hair or broccoli?
  18. Be a whale or dinosaur?
  19. Have an elephant’s trunk or a giraffe’s neck?
  20. Be a bird or dolphin?
  21. Be a chameleon so you can change colors, or be a cheetah so you can run as fast as a car?
  22. Live on a cloud or in the bottom of the sea?
  23. Stand barefoot in a bowl of smooshy bananas or slimy mushrooms?
  24. Have your tongue or your hands stuck in a bottle?
  25. Only be able to yell or whisper?
  26. Go to the beach or mountains?
  27. Be sprayed with a snail’s gooey liquid or a spider’s web?
  28. Be able to walk on water or on the top of trees?
  29. Sleep with a helmet on or with your shoes on?
  30. Ride on a Cloud or a Rainbow?


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