Markl 1021In this verse from Mark, Jesus was getting ready to tell a rich man how to move past what was holding him back. Jesus didn’t yell at him. He didn’t condemn him. He didn’t belittle him. Jesus “looked at him and loved him” even when he knew what this man lacked. How can we imitate Jesus when we correct our kids? Do we look at them and love them during it? That obviously doesn’t mean to correct with a smile, but it does mean my heart needs to be in the right place. I sure need to work on this. Lord, help us all to do this better! We need to find our own ways that help us look at our children with love when we want to pull our hair out. Whether it’s taking a deep breath, praying before we correct our kids, or walking out of the room to slow down, I pray that instead of letting frustration or anger cloud our words and thoughts that the Lord would invade our hearts and minds so we can look at our children with love.

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing this Linsey!! It’s exactly the reminder I need personally for this season of my life–especially when dealing with my first born, strong willed, five year old girl 🙂

    Kyra Fitzgerald

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