Article Published: “How to Attain ‘Full Life’ While Raising Children

424A6696My article, “How to Attain ‘Full Life’ While Raising Children” was just published on! You can check it out here:

This is what said about it: “Linsey Driskill from Beautiful Hearted Parenting pours straight into our hearts once again. We can’t think of a way to summarize what she said any better than she wrote it, so all we can do is encourage you to read her loving words today. You’ll be glad you did!”

1 thought on “Article Published: “How to Attain ‘Full Life’ While Raising Children”

  1. Linsey, I have read all of your writings. This is my favorite because it is straight to the point that we tend to become self centered and loose sight of Jesus and “that the last shall be first”. When we focus on helping others in need we have a light from Jesus shining on us for we are beginning to understand that our Lord is the secret by the way Jesus led his life helping others and giving his life to give us a new beginning. Praise Jesus! He needs to be praised for our blessings and to encourage us to help others to find His beautiful light that can lift us up into a higher level of sharing his beautiful way of inspiring others.

    Tom A

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