The Love Others Jar: A Simple Way to Spark Joy in your Children to Serve!

The Love Others Jar is a simple way to spark joy in your children to serve. Just print out the ways to serve below, cut each strip out, and put them in a jar or bag.

Each week, one of your kids picks a card from the jar for your family to fulfill.  Ask your children for ideas too- so many creative ideas fill their minds when we ask for their input.

20 Ways to Serve with our Kids


Ring & Run: Dress up in disguise! Leave a flower

or goody bag at a friend’s door with an anonymous

note of why their family is awesome.

Ring the doorbell and run!


Pick out clothes & toys to give away

to a shelter.


Call your grandparents or someone special

and ask them to share one of their best

childhood memories.


Write fun and encouraging chalk messages

on a friend’s driveway.


Bring a meal or activity bag to a family of a

deployed soldier.


Give the principal and a teacher notes saying

you are thankful for all they do.


Leave notes in friends’ mailboxes about

why you appreciate them.


Bring a meal to a friend just to love them well.


Each day this week, hold the door for



Bring your teacher something to make him

or her smile.


Leave post-it-notes for family members of why

they’re special in different places in your home.


Let someone go ahead of you each day this week.


Write 2 thank you notes this week.


Donate books to a local shelter.


Make cookies or a card for the mailman, janitors

at your school or church, or the garbage man to

show them you appreciate them.


Put bubbles and other activities/crafts

in a bag and bring to a family with young children.


Bring new toys to children who are sick and

stay at the hospital.


Write encouraging notes like “you are special”

and put them in library books.


Take treats and cards to first responders to thank

them for their hard work.


Bring fruit and snacks with a poster for nurses and

doctors at your pediatrician’s office or a local

hospital to show gratitude for them.


1 thought on “The Love Others Jar: A Simple Way to Spark Joy in your Children to Serve!”

  1. What a great idea and wonderful learning tool to help children understand how they can reach out to others.

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