This Family’s Simple Secret to Closeness: Creating Family Traditions in the New Year


There is a family I admire greatly because of how close they are to their high school girls – they are open with each other, spend time together, and love the Lord. One day I asked the girls, “What do you think your parents did that makes your family so close?” Both of their answers: “Our weekly Pizza and Movie night.” They said that every Friday is their family time, and many times they prefer to do that over other things going on.

That’s what most of us probably desire as our kids get older – that they would still crave family time. The girls’ answer was easy. Having a weekly tradition. Having a safe place to go each week that is always open to them. A place where they are known, accepted, and loved for who they are.

John Townsend, a Christian counselor and writer, said, “Kids who are emotionally connected in healthy ways are more secure.” Let’s create traditions in the New Year to build our relationships with our children as well as their confidence, so they will be ready to go out into the world and explore.

Every Friday we do pizza and movie night. The kids look so forward to it! What’s your family tradition? Looking forward to hearing some fun family ideas! Happy New Year!!!


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