Ways to Seek Peace in your Home

unnamed-2I love that the verse in the picture doesn’t say, “always achieve peace”–it says “SEEK” peace (See the end of this post for two practical ideas to encourage peace with your kids). We as parents will fail over and over and over again, but we are called to seek peace daily. And the Lord’s mercies are new EVERY morning. Every morning. So, when we lose it with our kids or spouse, we have another chance to seek Jesus’ peace. A peace that lasts, refreshes the soul, and helps us to rise above the here and now–one moment at a time.

In the midst of chaotic moments, let’s do all we can to pursue peace in our homes, whether it’s through lowering our voices, biting our tongues, praying, walking out of the room, sending our children to their room, or stopping to listen to what is on our kiddos’ hearts. WHAT HAS WORKED TO BRING MORE PEACE INTO YOUR HOME?

Here are TWO ACTIVITIES to encourage this mindset:
unnamed-31. Write Psalm 34:14 at the top of a paper. Tell your kiddos to write ways they notice someone else “seeking peace” through sharing, compromising, having a calm reaction, etc.

2. Share a scenario with two different reactions and have your kids guess which one is seeking peace. This begins turning the wheels in our kiddos’ minds to come up with ways they can pursue peace, and to learn how to compromise (They also love coming up with their own examples). Here’s a simple example: both kids want a toy. Which one shows peace: A) It’s mine! You can’t have it. OR B) Sure. You can play with it, but can I have it when you’re finished?


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