TWO SIMPLE WORDS that Encourage Respect from your Children

unnamed-9I cannot stand when my kids are demanding. I’m big on showing gratitude and respect through using words like please and thank you. I took this picture when I lived in Guatemala and saw the trash dump where kids and adults search for items to eat, use, or sell. Many families even live there. It breaks my heart. This is a hard truth for children to bear at a young age, but as they get older, we should share this reality so they are aware. Hopefully, this will encourage prayer for and service to others, as well as gratitude.
TWO SIMPLE WORDS I use that move my children from rudeness to appreciation are “TRY AGAIN.” If there is whining, a demand, or a rude tone, I say, “Try Again”, and don’t respond until they do (or I just give them an annoyed look, and they know!). If my kids ask for something, they don’t get it until I hear, “Please”. They are so trained in this area that if Christian or I forget to say please, one of our triplets will remind us, “Hey, throw a ‘please’ in there.”
If we accept rude tones and ungrateful attitudes, that is exactly how our children will act. But as we teach our children to be thankful and respectful in the small things, this attitude will be reflected more and more often.
And, to all the families in Florida affected by the awful tragedy there and to the people in Mozambique affected by the trash dump collapse on homes, we are thinking about and praying for you.

1 thought on “TWO SIMPLE WORDS that Encourage Respect from your Children”

  1. I love the two simple words…”try again” . What a great way to let your child realize his words or tone are not acceptable.

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