A Gem of wisdom from Ted Tripp

My article below is about about how to communicate grace to our kids while correcting them- I received some great wisdom about it from Ted Tripp at a conference years ago.

Losing Keys & Finding Grace

I made a classic parenting mistake with my six-year-old daughter, Gracie. She has been very into clip-on-earrings, but has repeatedly lost them. In frustration, I huffed, “Gracie, you’re not responsible with them. I’m not getting you any more earrings.”

Then my husband ever so accurately reminded me: “Linsey, you have lost your keys three times in the last two weeks. You lose more than Gracie, and she’s only six!” Thankfully, my husband found my keys in the front door the first time and our UPS friend discovered them in the door the second time. The third time, I spent twenty minutes looking for that house key and my husband found it buried in my purse!

And my daughter isn’t being responsible? I felt so wrong, right there in my husband’s words. Why do I selfishly extend more grace to myself than my six-year-old daughter?

I asked Author Ted Tripp a question at a conference about raising children: “When I constantly correct them, I feel like I am communicating the message that I have it all together and that they are the only ones in need of correction. How can I avoid this?”

To continue reading article, click here: https://www.church.org/2018/03/12/losing-keys-finding-grace-lesson-teaching-kids-responsibility/

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