A Simple Way to Slow Down these Fast-Paced Days

IMG_0702As busyness emerges with school and activities, we can slow down these fast-paced days with one-on-one time with our kids. Four years ago, my husband came up with the idea to take turns bringing each of our children on a weekend trip. I love the parts of our children’s personalities that spring up during that sweet time.

When we can’t take trips, we’ll take advantage of one-on-one time with normal errands like going to the grocery store, walks, picking up donuts, reading, playing Uno, or riding bikes. There are plenty of times our whole family joins in (like on hikes or Costco visits for samples!), but those one-on-one adventures are so key for our relationships, whether it’s five minutes or an hour.

This doesn’t happen every day, but we strive to regularly connect in this way. It’s slowed down these fast-paced days for a sweet, sweet moment.

Here’s a picture from our kiddos’ first day of second grade – can’t believe it!!! For all those mamas and dads shedding tears as your kids make the big transition of being in school all day, I wrote an article last year about it that I hope will lift you up! Search “God will go before me” in the search bar to the right to read it. You can do this!






2 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Slow Down these Fast-Paced Days”

  1. Sharing a special time with our children individually one on one was a pivotal time with my children. There is an entirely different conversation when it is with one child versus a family gathering. Your spending time with your children one on one is great advice. It works!

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