5 Refreshing Words as Christmas Approaches…


I thought this was a great quote for us parents, reminding us to be goofy in the little things, instead of  grumpy. The quote is from Eric Blehm’s book, Fearless, and comes on the heels of a tough week.

48237142_2697996370226765_4012527411936624640_nMy son, Bates, got his tonsils and adenoids removed November 29th. Two weeks later during school, my girls ran across the hall where I was subbing, frantically saying Bates needed me. When I ran in Bates’ classroom, he was coughing up so much blood. It was awful. He continued doing this for fifteen minutes. I prayed for my sweet Bates as the ambulance approached, my heart racing. Thankfully, the bleeding slowed down a lot as the ambulance arrived.

At the hospital, we waited to see if he would need another surgery or if the bleeding would stop on its own. After a night at the hospital, the bleeding stopped. The ENT Doctor said that when the scab came off it probably opened up the artery. But his body fought hard to close it, and that’s when the bleeding stopped. Thank you, Lord! 48246017_2698289450197457_5017004779390369792_n

Even though that day was traumatic, I am amazed by Bates’ strength and good attitude dealing with everything. He is just about the happiest person I know.

Our daughter, Brooklyn, had to go to the ER a few days later because of not being able to hold anything down for three days. It was a long week, but I’m so thankful that Brooklyn, along with Christian, are doing great now! I’m so so grateful to our awesome friends who jumped in to help with meals, watching our kids, and praying.

I know you’ve had your difficult seasons too. When we go through these things, it sure puts a lot in perspective. It makes me want to treasure the small things and enjoy them. To be grateful and goofy with my kids, rather than grumpy.

After Mary gave birth to Jesus, it was as though she inhaled the moments in slow-motion. She reflected on the big and small moments, taking it all in. “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

Let’s also treasure the daily moments in our lives and walk in goofiness and gratefulness! 


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