Remember “Where’s Waldo”?

img_2020Do you remember the ridiculous scenes surrounding him? When I searched for “Waldo” with B, B, & G, I realized I had never noticed them – like the boat pulling the snow skier in this pic. or the guy in the tree!

I was so consumed with finding Waldo that I completely missed the hilarity around it, until my kids pointed it out.

It’s easy to be overrun by our schedule, the errands, the decisions, the big things. But, I don’t want to be consumed by the “Waldos” of my day that I miss the simple joys, the small things, the moments that bring joy and laughter.

My kids constantly notice the small things and take their time with. Everything. It would do me well, us well, to slow down and see through our kids’ eyes.

If that means rising ten minutes earlier so we (I mean, I!) don’t rush out the door, let’s do it. If it means asking our kids “Would You Rather” questions for some giggles and slowing the minutes, go for it. If it means letting the dishes linger and reading a book together instead, dive into a book.

While everyone says how fast this life speeds by, we can slow it down by noticing and enjoying the small things.

[You can find 30 Would You Rather Questions by searching “Would You Rather” in the right sidebar.]

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