Crazy fun! Snow & Rainy Day Activities

fullsizeoutput_78a9Some ideas to shake things up for “Backwards Day”:
~ For “breakfast”, we started with ice cream. Then, they had dinner food: pigs in a blanket, oranges, and carrots.
~ Our kids normally read before bed, so before breakfast, they read in bed.
~ Tell them: “DO NOT make your bed. It’s Backwards Day!”
~ Wear pajamas ALL day.
~ For dinner, have breakfast!
*Comment below to share some of your “backwards” ideas – the possibilities are endless! Explain Backwards Day to your kids ahead of time, so they’ll look forward to it. Then one day yell, “It’s Backwards Day”, and have a blast being ridiculous.


No snow? Use ice. You can freeze water overnight in plastic ware to pain my the next day. For easy clean up, use washable paint and when they’re done, dump the snow/ice outside. They’ll enjoy watching the cool color swirls and mix – have fun!

IMG_2788  IMG_2786  IMG_2787


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