True Beauty.


True Beauty comes from the soul. It doesn’t fade over time. It magnifies.

Since our girls were three years old, we’ve asked them a question to reinforce this truth: “What makes you beautiful?” At 7 years old, they still answer, “My heart, mind, and soul.”

In this verse about Beauty above, the word “quiet” jumps out to me. In Hebrew, “quiet” is hēsýxios: To be steady due to a divinely inspired inner calmness, and to be tranquil – not stirring up needless friction. (Bible Hub)

THAT is of great worth in God’s sight.

While there is a time to be quiet, I don’t think this verse means we should always walk about in quietness, especially if that is not who God has woven us to be. But rather, to possess an inner stillness and calmness from trusting in the Lord.

Being fully human and fully God, Jesus experienced so many feelings: joy, anger, sorrow, tiredness, peace, frustration, connection. Through it all, he had an inner calm, an inner peace. He was steady and knew what he came for. He didn’t let up, but carried through.

What a powerful definition of Beauty this leads us to: Beauty comes from the inner self – the unfading beauty of a spirit that is gentle, has inner calmness, and steadily follows and trusts the Lord.

That is Beauty unfading.

“This is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful.” 1 Peter 3:5

Lord, we pray that this is the kind of beauty we, and our children, would seek – an inner beauty that trusts steadily in you.

2 thoughts on “True Beauty.”

  1. You helped me understand the true beauty of having an inner calmness about you that comes by letting Jesus into your soul.

    Tom Alison

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