Sometimes Kids Have Bad Days, Too

My recent article published by Her View From Home:

The other night was marked by my 6-year-old daughter’s mega meltdown.

I racked my brain for any way to help her escape her bad mood. She suddenly yelled, “I’m mad at everyone and no one in this family likes me!”

Huh? We constantly tell our kids how much we love them so this curve ball threw me for a loop. Until I remembered she’s a child, upset, and just needs to let it out. I thought about my daughter adjusting to full-day school in first grade, and the many expectations placed on her there and at home.

As I listened to her wail, watched tears flood her hazel eyes, and anger pour from her lips, I drew her close and hugged her tight. I didn’t give another exhausting lesson on good attitudes, but just let her be. I let her release. Silence and comfort calmed her and she melted in my arms.

There isn’t always an easy answer. Sometimes we just have a bad day. It is what it is.

I try to remind myself that it’s OK to be in that and not get cheered up. As Psalm 30:5 says, “Joy comes in the morning.” Another day will be here, and our spirits will be lifted. To continue reading, click here: Sometimes Kids Have Bad Days, Too.

With a busy week last week, I’ve been thinking about all of you single parents, as well as those of you with spouses deployed, and ways we can rally around you:


My husband was on a work trip for one week. One week. And I was so grateful when he returned. But my mind went straight to single parents and those with spouses deployed: balancing all the sports’ activities, coordinating rides when one of your kids is sick, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and just keeping up with it all.

How do you do it?

You. Are. Superheroes.

But, if you ever need help, please reach out.

To those of us not in this situation, how can we help?

Is there a single parent or a parent whose spouse is deployed we could drop a meal off to? Or watch their kids for an hour or two? Or just go over to their house and hang with them so they don’t have to get a babysitter anytime they want friend time? Any more ideas? Please share them!

Let’s show our support so these superheroes know they’re not alone.

That we have their back.

That we are for them.

It takes a village. So, let’s be that village.


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