“Jesus looked at him and loved him.” Mark 10:21


In this verse, Jesus was preparing to tell a rich man how to move past what was holding him back.

Jesus didn’t yell at him. He didn’t condemn him. He didn’t belittle him.

Jesus “looked at him and loved him” even when he knew what this man STILL needed to do.

How can we imitate Jesus when we’re correcting our kids? When we see where they have fallen short and still need to do? Do we look at them and love them during it? Not necessarily correcting with a smile, but is my heart in the right place? Am I leading with love instead of anger?

This is definitely something I’m working on. Some simple ways that have helped me lean toward this in some moments are taking a deep breath, praying before I correct my kids, walking out of the room to lessen my frustration, and seeking Jesus in the morning before they wake up.

I pray that instead of letting frustration or anger cloud our words and thoughts, that, Lord, you would invade our hearts and minds so we can look at our children with love. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Happy July 4th!!!


As we celebrate July 4th, let’s take time to pray with our kids for the men and women who serve our country so we can have the joy of freedom.

Lord, we come together to pray for each man and woman serving our country, as well as for their spouses, children, and friends. Fill them with your peace, your presence, your power, your Spirit, your comfort, your truth, your love. We pray Jesus’ words for them from John 17:11: “Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name.” Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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