Giveaway!, Enjoying Our Kids, & When We Don’t Understand Everything

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Let’s take time to enjoy our kids today – just for who they are. To take joy in them. ❤️

If they’re driving us crazy, to take a break and breathe. To ask the Lord to help us delight in them as He delights in us.

We can all find faults in our kids when we focus on that, just as anyone can find faults in us when they focus on them.

Today, let’s try to focus on what we enjoy about our kids.

A day at a time.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t instill boundaries and consequences. I’m a big believer in having those set up and doing our best to be consistent and following through, but

I also believe that our kids will respond far better when they know we enjoy them.

Lord, help us simply enjoy our kids. Thank you so much for each of them. Help us remember we’re not promised tomorrow so we can relish in the gifts you’ve given us today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


6 thoughts on “Giveaway!, Enjoying Our Kids, & When We Don’t Understand Everything”

  1. Sissy Goff is so instrumental in so many lives’ and her podcasts and previous books have been outstanding. I’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews about her newest book!

  2. I needed this reassurance on today, especially with two kids under 2 years old. The feeling less of a mother because of me setting healthy boundaries was weighing heavy on me, especially with my almost 3 year old. Sometimes it’s challenging, but I must remember to enjoy the gifts God has blessed me with in spite of their mini moments!

    1. Yes, it absolutely can be challenging. I hear you. What a blessing to walk in the Lord’s grace. When I feel so exhausted, it encourages me to remember that he promises to helps when we ask him too. I love hearing that these words encouraged you about enjoying the gifts God has given us. Thanks for letting me know. You’re entered for the book Giveaway! (:

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