Valentine’s Idea, Book/Devotional Recommendations, Washing the Dish ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I’m grateful for you!


My kids love this – write what you love about each of your kids on separate tiny scraps of paper. Then, roll each one up and squeeze them into a balloon for each child (or put one note in each balloon so each child has several balloons).

Then, blow them up, write their names on the balloons and tape them to your kids’ bedroom doors. On Valentine’s Day, they pop the balloons and read what you wrote. Although, they might want to play with the balloons for a bit before popping them!

What are some fun things you’ve done for your kiddos on Valentine’s Day? 😊❤️




My kids loved the top two devotionals and the bottom four have made a great difference in my parenting & faith. I’d love to hear abt recommendations you have. Here are the links to these:

Wee Believers “Love Journal” (they’re out of the kindness one):


Wild things:…/st…/9781414322278/pd/322278…

Raising Girls:…/…/272891…

(The winner of this book Giveaway was Stephanie K. – Congrats! You can get he book right now for $5 at the link I shared above. Enjoy!)

Love Does:…/bo…/9781400203758/pd/203751…

Raising Great Kids:…/hen…/9780310235491/pd/35499…

Happy reading! 😊And, share with other parents who might be interested.

For more on Faith & Parenting, join me at


This quote by Mother Teresa is both inspiring and challenging to me.

It transforms the way I look at serving and why I do it. I don’t think any of us want our children to help someone because they have to, but rather because they see a need and want to meet it.

How do we teach our kids to do this? I think it starts with us, as they mimic just about all we do. How does it change our day when we don’t grudgingly do daily tasks, but do them out of love for our family and for Jesus?

If we take a moment at a time to pray and shift our perspective, maybe it will change our outlook and rub off on our kiddos.

Wouldn’t that be awesome. ❤️

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