Feeling Overwhelmed Homeschooling?, Take Courage!, & Loving Others


Yesterday, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different homeschooling approaches.

But, after my best friend who has homeschooled for years told me she only does it 3 hours a day, I was relieved (She does the 3 hours straight with two short “brain breaks”. She also recommends “Easy Peasy” Homeschool.)

So, here’s the simpler schedule I created:

8:30 Devotional/Bible during breakfast

9am: Prayer, then Writing prompts/work on writing mechanics too

About 9:45 Brain Break

10:00 Read book aloud to kids while they work on a puzzle, color, or peeler beads.

10:20 We do 3 Centers and switch after about 25 minutes.
#1: I work one-on-one with each child doing a math packet called Sunshine Math- it’s awesome – lots of logic thinking: http://eastonmath.pbworks.com/w/pa…/31191599/Sunshine%20Math.). If you scroll down on their website, there are answers with explanations.

#2: Do computer school assignments (alternate different days doing Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading Comprehension, etc.).

#3: Something sensory: sand, play dough, slime, or something else similar.

12pm Lunch

2pm Chill time (finishes at 2:45 if do well, but if keep getting out of room, etc. ends at 3). I have them gather all they want to use in their room beforehand.

Some afternoons they’ll just play and other ones we’ll do creative things like baking to work on measurement, a science project like creating dioramas, make slime, a Geography or History project, paint, and have LOTS of outdoor time.

This afternoon, they planted some seeds they’ll be taking care of, did chores they had, and played the whole afternoon.

Each night, they also spend twenty minutes to an hour reading.

Once I took a step back and broke it up this way, it was SO much better. Enjoy learning what works for you.

If you have any more tips, please share. We’re all trying to figure this out as we go!

Here’s a big list of fun activities on my Blog: https://linseydriskill.com/…/awesome-activities-at-home-fo…/




Someone recently wrote how she couldn’t believe churches were “giving in and closing” – how those who go to church right now were “succumbing to the world”.

As Jesus followers, we are called to look beyond our self-interests to the interests of others.

The church is the people of God. It is NOT a building.

Jesus himself said that the “kingdom of God is within us”.

The church exists when we love the Lord & others with all our heart, mind, and soul. And that starts with being wise and protecting the vulnerable.

When we don’t go to church right now, it is because we are following one of Jesus greatest commandments: to love others.

And, let’s remember that Church. Is. Not. Closed.

Church is always open because the Kingdom of God resides in our hearts.

Seek the Lord. Reach out to Him. He’s right here with us.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Jesus (MT 7:7-8)




2 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed Homeschooling?, Take Courage!, & Loving Others”

  1. Beautiful reminders! Enjoy having your children around and make the most of this time. God is reminding us to be still and look up to Him!

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