Memorial Day, Things we Should do that Kids do, How to show the Love of Jesus


How can we reach those who lost loved ones serving our country on Memorial Day? How can we help their loved ones’ legacies live on?

1. Write letters to their families.
2. Pray for their families together.
3. Talk about them with our kids.

My friend, Tyler, died while serving our country. When I think of his family, my heart aches for them. I want his family to know I have talked to my kids about Tyler, who he was, and his kindness and bravery.

That my kids know we have freedom because of him and all the people who served and serve our country. I want his family to know that his legacy lives on.

If you are one of the families who lost a loved one serving our country – thank you. We are so very grateful for the heroic sacrifice of your loved one. Lord, please bless each of these people today with your great hope, joy, peace, and Presence. In Jesus’ name, amen. ❤️



While I love doing devotions with our kids, weaving the Lord into ordinary times together is a great way to show them practically what it looks like to follow Jesus.
I’m not saying to relate every single thing to the Lord because that could make our kids annoyed and want to run the other way.
But, when we follow Deuteronomy 6 by pointing our kids to the Lord as we walk through life together, our children will begin to have eyes to see the Lord in the ordinary.
For example,
“Gracie, that is so kind that you washed your sister’s dish. Way to love her well.”
“Brooklyn, I love how you told your brother you were wrong and asked for forgiveness. That is showing humility and just what the Lord tells us to do.”
“I’m sorry that kid has been rude at school. Maybe there’s something going on in his life. Let’s pray for him together.”
“Thank you for coming right away and listening like I asked. You sure loved me well.”
One of my kids says, “I don’t want to forgive her.” I say, “I know it’s hard sometimes, but the Lord forgives us when we mess up and he tells us we need to forgive each other too.”
“Kids, I’m sorry I spoke to you in that tone. I was wrong. Will you please forgive me?”
“Our neighbor is going through a hard time right now – what is a way we can show her the love of Jesus?”
“Bates, I love how you showed your sister compassion. Way to love like Jesus.”
“Look at the bird in the tree, kids. Isn’t God’s creation beautiful? The Lord tells us that just as he takes care of the birds, he will take care of us and not to worry. Isn’t God awesome?”
In no way am I saying these are the “right” words to say as there is no perfect equation.
But directing our kids to the Lord through ordinary moments has helped us in seeking after Jesus and setting our hearts and minds on the Lord.
Lord, thank you for our kids, for who you are, and for your awesome love for us. Please give us the wisdom, love, and strength, to point our kids to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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  1. Thank you for these wonderful words, Linsey. I’m so grateful to have met you at the LBC small group for moms. I so very much appreciate your posts! Hope y’all are doing well!


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