Come Near, Sewing Security, A Prayer, & Being Called Mama



God made you just how he wants you to be.

When my daughter was five, my friend told her, “I wish I had eyes like yours. They’re so pretty.”

I love my daughter’s innocent reply: “Why would you want eyes like mine. God made you just how he wants you to be.”

What if our kids grew up believing that?
What would happen if we repeatedly told them that they’re just how God wants them to be, so it would start to sink into their minds and hearts?

What if we stopped the comparison game, the envy, the self-critique. What if we stopped always trying to change something about ourselves.

What if we took to heart that God made us just how he wants us to be?

In His image.
As we are.

What if we spent more time caring about who we are in Jesus over appearance, as the Lord wants us to?

What do our kids see that we care about most?

What do we notice in others?
Do we compare ourselves out loud or
do we reflect contentment with how we look and who we are?

Because our kids look up to us and oftentimes will reflect our outlooks.

Let’s show our children what it looks like to celebrate the beauty in our friends as well as ourselves.

Just as they are.

Just as we are.

Let’s show our kids what it looks like to look at the heart as the Lord does and to notice that in others.

“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel)

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