Exciting News!!!

Several years ago as my daughters were curled up in bed reading Disney princess books, I had a vision to create a book about beautiful hearted women of the Bible who my girls could look up to and imitate…Women who loved the Lord and loved others and wanted to make a difference for Jesus. 

I wanted them to be encouraged to focus on inner-beauty and to get their confidence from the Lord, not the world.

I wanted to not be overcome by busyness, but instead, to be intentional about connecting with my girls and the Lord together, and to have fun doing it, through engaging stories and creative activities. 

So I wrote this devotional for me and for you and for all the mamas out there who long to connect with their daughters and the Lord.

My writing dream has finally come true. You can pre-order my Mother-Daughter devotional on Amazon! 

It’d be awesome if you’d share this post and let people know about it who would be interested.

Thank you so much! You can find my Devotional on Amazon.


My daughter knocked her whole smoothie over on the kitchen counter. We just looked at each other and laughed. Because of the number of things that had happened that day, it was comical at this point. 

I turned to her as we were cleaning it up and said, “Chaos sure is better together.”We’ll all have chaos in life at times, but it is so much better doing it with those we love. 

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