Taking Time for People Going Through What We’ve Been Through

You know those people who have gone through what you’re going through and take time to talk, to encourage, to offer wisdom, to offer hope? I sure am grateful for them.

When two of our triplets contracted an intestinal infection in the NICU after being born at 29 weeks and 2.5 pounds, it was a God-send to be able to talk to a mom who had just been through it with her twins, and to be able to walk the road of challenges and recovery together.

When we were moving to a new city and had to learn about the area and the schools, it was so helpful that countless people took time to talk with me about the area. 

When my dad, even though he’s been an avid runner, got covid and had to get a tracheostomy, it was and has been a lifeline to talk to a friend whose mom went through the same thing, got it removed, and is now home and doing well. He has encouraged us and helped us navigate the path of healing and recovery for my dad. We will forever be grateful to him. 

It can be easy to become too busy to be there for people going through things, good and bad. But, I never want to be. I always want to make time for them, just as so many people have made time for me.

I think about Jesus visiting the woman at the well and how the people in her town asked Jesus to stay two more days, and he did. 

I think about how Priscilla took time to teach Apollos more about Jesus because she had wisdom.

I think about how Peter got word that Tabitha, a follower of Jesus, was sick, and he traveled to the town where she was to pray for healing for her. 

I think about how Jesus went to heal the twelve-year-old girl, and on the way, he stopped to heal the bleeding woman who was desperate. He could have kept going, but he didn’t.

I think about how Lydia went out of her way to be hospitable to Paul and Silas after they were freed from prison for preaching about Jesus.

I think about the great gift God has given us in one another.

And, how it honors the Lord when we slow down and take time for each other.


Let us never take the gift of one another for granted. Let us not be so consumed with looking inward that we lose sight of the kingdom of God and loving those around us. Let us never get too busy to offer hope, wisdom, and encouragement to people who are going through what we’ve been through. Please use what we’ve gone through to bring others closer to you and to glorify you. Show us people we can encourage and be there for, and please bless the people who have been there for us. In Jesus’ Name, amen.




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