Giving it to Jesus

Some of you might have heard the phrase, “Give It to Jesus.” You’re venting or expressing your heart, and then you hear, “Give it to Jesus.” As though you haven’t done that because you’re still struggling.

I think that phrase can mean a number of things.

Yes, you might experience immediate freedom from something when you “give” it to the Lord, sharing it with him with open hands. Or, the freedom might come only for a moment once you “give” it to Him, or pray about it, only to find yourself struggling once again with that thing, that heartache, that pain.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t “given it to the Lord.” It could just mean that you’re human and feel and have emotions, and that some things just take time.

If the Lord thought we didn’t need to come to him daily about things, I think he might have said, “Give us this year our yearly bread.” But, that’s not what he says at all. Jesus says, “Gives us THIS DAY our DAILY bread.”

We are meant to come again and again to Jesus.

So, then, what does it mean to give it to Jesus? I think it means that when that heartache, that pain, that struggle rises in our minds and hearts, we ask the Lord to walk with us, to help us, to free us, to restore us, to strengthen us, again, and again and again. And, that, is where the healing comes.

And, that, is giving it to the Lord.

Yes, the Lord can work a miracle by setting you free in an instant, but he can also work a miracle by setting you free a moment at a time as you walk step by step with the Lord, and that is beautiful.

And, that, is giving it to the Lord. Even if some pain and struggle remain.

That is just what he wants of us – to simply keep coming to Him.

Jesus, set us free. Thank you that you have set us free to live in eternity with you when we ask you to be our Savior. Lord, set us free here and now too. Moment by moment, we give our pains and struggles and heartaches to you. Lord, release us. Help us experience the freedom you have come to give us. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

“It is for freedom that I have set you free.” Jesus





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