Fun “Quiz” about Women in the Bible & Showing Our Kids Grace

My book was featured in the magazine, For Girls Like You, this month! It’s a fun “Quiz” with activities about 5 women in the Bible from my Devotional – see if you can guess who’s who! (Click on the Article below to make larger & zoom in so it is easier to read.)

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When one of our kids does something wrong, isn’t it easy to want to prolong their consequences? To continue giving them one after the other after the other?

My ten-year-old son said something very hurtful to his sister. I was surprised and very upset. I told him that out of the heart the mouth speaks, and that he needed to check his heart and what he’s been putting into it (something I can say to myself often as well!)

I gave him a few natural consequences that I felt got to the heart of things. After a while of being in his room, he came downstairs and asked for forgiveness from his sister and they worked it out.

She was watching a TV show and he wanted to join her. At first I said no, but then I thought, Wait! He already had several consequences – why I am dragging his forgiveness out. It’s been worked out.

I needed to show him how grace gives new opportunities and lets go of the wrong. The consequences had gotten to the heart of the issue. And, he was remorseful.

As parents, it can be quite easy to give consequence after consequence when we are so upset with our child. Don’t get me wrong, consequences are important, and some need to be big and some small. But, once they have had the consequence we decided upon, and we still harbor bitterness in our hearts toward them, that’s just hurtful to both of us.

What if God held onto every fault we had, every mistake we had, and disciplined us again and again and again for the same bad decision we had made? Eeks, we’d be disciplined constantly.

Our kids need to have a standing of grace and forgiveness and newness afterward, just like we have with God through Jesus.

As I was standing in the kitchen with my son and stirring the dinner, I changed my answer, and chose not to dish out more consequences. I gave him a hug, and I said, “You can watch the show. This is what grace looks like. You’ve had your consequence and now we’re moving on. You’re forgiven and I love you.”

I had a new mindset, and let go of what was said and looked forward.

I could see relief in his heart. He’s got such a great heart, but sometimes, he says or does hurtful things. I also try to love well, but I sure say and do hurtful things sometimes as well.

God, I am so thankful for the grace that comes with Jesus. I need it so much.

And, my kids need it so much.

We all need it so much.

I want my kids to experience what grace looks like. After they’ve done the wrong thing and had a consequence (or a simple redirection if that’s what’s needed), I want to show them what it looks like to move on, to do our best to forget and forgive, to give a clean slate, and then to call out goodness in them, to see goodness in them, and to see them through Jesus’ eyes.

Lord, help us do that. Help us to have wisdom in parenting, in giving consequences, and in loving our kids like you love us. Help us offer the beautiful, freeing, accepting, and redeeming grace you have so graciously given to us. In Jesus’ Name we ask this. Amen.

Today is a new day. Let’s start over and go love our kids and our families.




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