Public School, Private School, or Homeschool?

Where our kids attend school is a big decision. I have considered all options thoroughly over the past years: public school, private school, and homeschooling.

I have heard lots and lots of advice. 

I have come to this conclusion:

Your kids should be in the best place for THEM.

There is no one right answer for every child.

I have heard that your child should be homeschooled to protect them. 

But, in reality, our kids are growing up and will be a part of the real world eventually. What a gift to be able to lead and teach them in the “real world” while they are in our home.

And what a gift for the opportunity to homeschool if a child will thrive there.

I have heard that to raise your kids in a Christian school is essential.

But, the foundation we build for our kids in our homes when they are young is what makes the deepest impact.

What a gift to have private schools if that is best for your child and a possibility.

And, what a gift to have some public schools that are excellent – not all, sadly, but many are great. Just as not every co-op or private school is great.

What a gift to have some fabulous public schools and some wonderful staff in so many public schools. And, what would happen if all Christian families took their kids out of public schools?

If the public school is teaching ideas that our families are not okay with and that unsettles us, we can always dive deeper to see if another school would be better. But, that can also be a great topic of conversation with our kids of “what we as a family believe” if they are old enough.

In life, there will be many times when we will not line up with what others’ think. It’s important for our kids to know how to be separate thinkers and to know “what we as a family believe”.

Again, I come back to there not being one right answer. We have to assess what is best for each of our children. 

Some might need the smaller environment of a private school if it can be afforded. 

Some kids might thrive in an even smaller environment like a Co-op with homeschooling.

Some kids might thrive in a bigger public school that might have more opportunities.

As parents, we should continue praying for the Lord to lead us as we make this decision, and to remember that the biggest decisions we need to make are…

Building a foundation of faith for our kids.

Showing them Jesus in our words and actions.

Showing them how to think for themselves.

Showing them how to serve and love others.

Praying for our kids.

And, loving our kids with all our hearts.

Whatever decision you make for your kids, may we as parents always remember that the most important decision we can make is to always love the Lord, our families, and others with all our hearts.

(*If you would like the recommendation of a book that was helpful to me in making these decisions, I’ll be happy to share it in the comments.)

Lord, we pray you would give each of us wisdom as we decide the schools our kids attend. Thank you that we have the opportunity for our kids to even go to school. Please be with families whose kids can’t go to school and provide opportunities for them. Help us to stay focused on what matters the most: loving You and loving Others. One day at a time. One moment at a time. Help us to show our kids you, Jesus, in the way we love them and others. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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There’s a Way to Speak with Love in our Words…

I’m not saying we should agree with everyone. But there’s a way to speak with love in our words when we disagree, and then there’s a way to speak in a way where we lose sight of the person’s heart, the person’s story, the person.

When that happens, we’ve lost sight of what Jesus calls us to: Love.

Again, I’m not saying to go along with everything or to not disagree. There is definitely a place to speak up, but if we can do that through the lens of love, I believe our words will come out far differently.

I never want someone to feel like I care more about expressing a particular opinion than the person right in front of me. What changes hearts isn’t hateful, intense, and angry banter, but listening ears and speaking in ways that consider the person’s story you’re speaking to. That changes the person from feeling invisible to seen, even if you’re disagreeing with them.

Lord, when we feel heated, disarm us. Help us to be led by your Spirit, to let go of hate, to lead with love, to speak up when we need to, but also to do it out of love, and with a heart that always points to you and to your greatest commands: to love You, and to love others. In Jesus’ Name, amen.




Next Steps…

Sometimes people try to push us away from something that we know is the right next step.

I remember people cautioning me not to move to Guatemala when I was 26 for various reasons, one being that if I wanted to get married, that that would make it much harder.

But, the thing is, I knew God was pulling me there, so there was no other option for me. It was the right thing to do. And, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I also met my now husband a year later.

When the experience was over after almost a year, I snapped this picture as I was making the decision of what to do next. After praying, I decided to move to Colorado- I knew it would help me process my time in Guatemala.

It was a long year, but I also grew a lot. Just because it was hard doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing. I grew, I healed, I changed, and I knew it was time to return to Atlanta.

I remember telling my boss there that I had to leave because I felt God pulling me to return to teach at Atlanta Youth Academy and that I just knew it was the right thing to do. My boss told me I shouldn’t leave and that it wasn’t a good choice.

I knew it was, so I made the decision to move back to Atlanta anyway. The teaching job became my dream job and a month later, I met my now husband.

I remember when I was pouring my heart and soul into my Mother-Daughter Devotional and someone told me that I shouldn’t waste my time. But, I knew it was the right thing to do so I kept on.

And, now my devotional will be published this October (!!!!!). Learn more about it here:

While some things that we feel are the right next steps pan out perfectly and others don’t, I have learned that the best and right thing to do is what God puts on our hearts.

It sure is wise to consider what people we respect are saying, but at the end of the day, if we feel a particular choice is the right thing to do, honors the Lord and our family, and we feel that God is leading us to that decision, then that’s just what we need to do.

We can’t be led by fear that others try to put into our hearts or by fears we create ourselves.

Instead, we need to be led by the Lord and by his greatest commands: to love God and love others, and then we’ll be right where we need to be.





Happy Mother’s Day to all you Awesome Mamas!



My daughter was frustrated about something at school and I wanted to solve it for her. But I stopped myself (yey mom!). I showed her empathy and told her that that is hard. Then I asked her one of the most powerful questions we can ask our kids:

“What are you going to do about it?”

This simple question communicates:

✨ I believe in you.

✨You’re smart enough and capable enough to solve this.

✨You can think for yourself.

It doesn’t mean we can’t guide them and offer wisdom as that is one of our big roles as parents, but it does mean that as our kids get older, we should be encouraging them to do the thinking more and more for themselves and not solving every issue for them.

This will grow their confidence so much and help them think more for themselves when the crowd is trying to get them to do the wrong thing.

As our kids get older, we want them to be able to know how to solve problems and listen to their own voice. As the book, “Parenting with Love and Logic” says, if kids only listen to their parent’s voice as they grow up with solving problems and not their own, when they get older and the voice they listen to shifts from their parent’s to their friend’s, they will be more likely to listen to their friend’s voice.

But, if they are used to making decisions and thinking for themselves, when the crowd is running one way, they will be more likely to listen to their own voice, make their own decisions, and have the confidence to do what they think is right and best, with God guiding them along the way.

Jesus Himself asked about 80 questions just in the book of Luke alone. Let’s mimic His example and ask our kids questions now so they will learn to confidently make their own decisions as they grow up and not just follow the crowd.