A Fun Way to Help our Kids Fall Asleep & Giving Consequences


After giving my daughter a consequence the other day, along with a few minutes to settle down, I made sure to continue speaking to her in a loving way.

I had to rise above my frustration and show my daughter that her actions and response DIDN’T MOVE ME – they didn’t change how I felt about her.

Even though my daughter knew the consequence stood, her defenses lowered when she saw my consistent loving attitude toward her. She went from saying this was “the worst day” to feeling secure enough to move forward pretty quickly. We ended up having an awesome hike twenty minutes after the episode and she said, “Mommy, this did turn out to be the best day.”

My daughter saw that how the day went was her choice.

It definitely doesn’t always turn out like this. And, I don’t always respond this way. But, seeing the fruit from me being the ANCHOR and continuing to SPEAK LOVE into my daughter alongside the consequence, sure made me want to try and do this the next time.


When my kids can’t sleep, they love for me to tell a story to “start” their dreams. As I leave the room, I tell them to finish their dreams and that I want to hear what happens in the morning.

I just turn whatever pops into my mind that they’d like into a story (it doesn’t take much to entertain kids!). For example: “Once upon a time there were two unicorns who couldn’t fly. They walked down the road together feeling so sad. Suddenly, a tiny mouse popped out from behind a rock. He squeaked, “If you follow me, I’ll take you to the magical land that will give you wings so you can fly high into the sky.”

Then I tell them to finish the story and that I can’t wait to hear about it in the morning. I do this from time to time when they can’t sleep, are frustrated or scared, or if they simply ask me to. Sharing an imaginative story is a fun, sweet way to calm their hearts and bring them into dreamland.


Not Saying, “I’m Sorry”, Again and Again

Many times after falling short with my kids, I’ve wanted to say, “I’m sorry”, over and over again, but I’ve been trying not to. I don’t want my kids to think they need to ask for forgiveness again and again to be forgiven.

Just before Jesus died and rose again, he said, “It is finished.” Not “It is halfway done”, but “It. Is. Finished.” The Lord COMPLETELY forgives us when we ask him to. It’s over. Done. Erased.

By not apologizing over and over to our kids about the same thing, we can SHOW them that once they ask for forgiveness for something, they are also fully forgiven. Period. It’s over. Done. Erased. No need to bring it up again.

The Beauty of Grace & Forgiveness.

An awesome quote to share with our kids:



God’s Full Grace

So many moments I feel like I’ve been anything but “beautiful hearted” with my kids. Can you relate? I strive for calmness, but many times, I do the opposite. I couldn’t do motherhood without God’s grace. I need it. Every day.
Whether our kids are fighting or not listening, it can be easy to lose our cool (my kids’ signature pouty faces are in the pictures!). I love Psalm 130:7 because it has Jesus’ grace written all over it: “… put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with him is FULL redemption.”
I don’t think “beautiful hearted” means getting it right every time, but rather to humbly ask for forgiveness from our children when we need to, not giving up, and continuing to seek Jesus. Do we show our kids humility by asking for forgiveness when we need to? Do we model what FULL redemption looks like by accepting His grace when we mess up? Or do we sulk in guilt and anxiety?
I pray Jesus would lead all of us to have calm and loving hearts with our kids, but that when we fall short, we could bask in his grace by moving forward in joy. Jesus, thank you that you offer us FULL redemption when we ask. Help us to fix our hope on you so our kids can experience more of you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.