An Encouraging Word from Katie Davis Majors as Easter Approaches

unnamedAs Easter approaches, Katie Davis Majors’ words from her book, “Daring to Hope”, hit home:

“I stand there in the kitchen, my inadequacy exposed…I chastise myself for losing my temper, for not giving [my daughter] the consistently calm response she needs. As I’m tempted to wallow in guilt over all that I am not for my children, gently [the Lord] points out that I was never meant to meet all their needs anyway. It isn’t me who can make up for all their losses and hurts. He reminds me that I cannot be what they need Him to be: Savior. I quietly beg him to fill in the gaps. Really, we are all crying out for the exact same thing: a true and consistent love that does not waver. A Savior who comes and binds up our wounds.” Katie Davis Majors

It’s so easy to find all the areas in parenthood where I fall short, and there are many, but her words remind me that it’s okay- I wasn’t meant to do it all. Jesus is the Great Rescuer, not me. He’s the one who makes all right and good and whole and healed. When Jesus died on the cross and rose three days later, he provided a hope here and now, and forever.

Jesus, please fill in the gaps we have created as parents and meet our children’s needs. Where we have been weak, please make us all strong. When we want to cling to guilt for our shortcomings, help us to tap into the freedom and redeeming hope that we have in you. We pray your joy would fill our hearts. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.