As we approach Easter & a GREAT activity!

As we are in the season of Lent and Easter is on the horizon, may we reflect on the sacrificial spirit of the Lord and how He is always led by love. Today, let’s sacrifice our pride and have a heart of forgiveness.


This is a practical activity for our kids (and us!) to do from my Mother-Daughter Devotional to show how we are forgiven from ALL of our sins through Jesus! Thank you, Lord! Let us begin preparing our hearts for the greatest miracle on Easter that gives us hope today, and forever. 


Leading up to Easter, I think about one of the the biggest losses of my life, while also one of the greatest gains. My dad going to be with the Lord on October 21, 2021 – I was definitely daddy’s little girl (and still am)… he lit up my life with his joy and humour and wisdom and love. Yet, I know He is now rejoicing with Jesus and that is the gain.

I’m sure you’ve experienced your own difficult things – joy laced with sorrow.

As our eyes are opened more and more to this world, don’t we see more and more of the pain here? And, also more and more of the joys here?

Life on earth means carrying both.

I am constantly reminded that even though we might feel like settlers here, we’re not. We’re not meant to stay here. We are meant to be with Jesus forever. Peace forever. That will come one day.

In the meantime, Lord, would you heal our hearts of the painful things that hurt. Would you open our eyes and hearts to love the sweet moments you pour into our laps? Show us how to carry both the pain and the joys. Thank you that you always have done that very thing. Carried the pain and the joy together. Especially through giving Your Son, Jesus, for us – the pain of You giving Your life for us, Jesus, & the joy of eternity that came the instant You were raised to Life. The forever forgiveness, and pure joy that came with that. Oh God, thank you! We are so grateful. As we meet the joys and sorrows of this world, Lord, would You be with us, lift us up and meet us here. We need You and love You. In Jesus’ Name, amen.❤️