Start the Summer off with this / Happy Father’s Day!

Start the summer off with doing sweet devotions about women in the Bible like Lois & Eunice with your daughter! You can find my Devotional here: The “Creative Fun” activity for this devotion is making heart-shaped pancakes, yum! And the “Daughters in Action” Activity is making bubbles inside of huge bubbles on your kitchen counter! Your kids will love it! 🥞😊 🙌


A super simple way for our kiddos to appreciate their dads on Father’s Day- have your kids write a bunch of reasons why they love him and then tape them on his bathroom mirror. 😊 Happy Father’s Day to all you dads! We’re grateful for you.



Thank you, God, for the grace you give us day after day, moment after moment. Help us to walk in forgiveness, in freedom, and in joy.