Raising Influencers


The Pritchards wrote the wonderful book, “Going Public: Your Child can Thrive in Public School”. In raising kids, one of the inevitable questions many of us ask is: “In what educational setting will my child thrive?” Every family has to decide whether public, private or homeschool is best for their family. But regardless of our decisions, I love this quote because it inspires all of us to raise influencers wherever our kids are in school.
Lord, in the midst of negative influences, help us not to become overwhelmed and anxious, but to be encouraged to raise INFLUENCERS. Make our children strong to stand above peer pressure. We know that none of us will do a perfect job raising our kids, so thank you for your grace to make up for our weaknesses. Help us take the time to teach our kids how to love you with all their heart and love others well. Guard our children’s steps, make them strong, guide them with your wisdom, and pour your confidence and love into them so that Jesus, you, will shine through them. In Jesus’ name, amen.