Serving Within the Home

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”(MT 28:20)unnamed-2Beautiful.Although, it doesn’t feel beautiful changing the 5th diaper of the day, cleaning up constant messes, carpooling to 20 places, or breaking up another sibling fight (while folding laundry), THAT is the definition of beautiful- doing it, day after day, minute after minute, and not giving up, despite times of monotony or frustration. Just as Jesus came to serve, let’s try to be examples to our kids of what it looks like to serve one another even when we don’t feel like it, so they can do the same. What’s a way you have your child help within your home? Do you use a chore chart, marble jar, or another idea? We’d love to hear!

Wash the Plate…


This quote is so challenging to me. It completely transforms the way I look at serving and why I do it. I don’t think any of us want our children to help someone because they have to, but rather because they see a need and want to meet it.

How do we teach our kids to do this? I think it starts with us as they mimic just about all we do. How does it change our day when we don’t grudgingly do daily tasks, but do them out of love for those around us?

I realize this might not seem practical, but if we take one moment at a time and shift our perspective, maybe it will change our outlook and rub off on our kiddos. Wouldn’t that be awesome.




Vol.4While living in Colorado, we visited a senior living center every other week and colored or read together. So many of the women are widows and their faces lit up seeing little bundles of joy coming just to see them. And, whether we serve in small or big ways, let’s remember that Jesus was so pleased with the poor widow who gave the least amount because she had so much love in her giving!

#Servingwithkids #beautifulheartedparenting #Ideasforservingwithkids

#Servingwithkids #beautifulheartedparenting #Ideasforservingwithkids