Connecting with Our Kids

Questions and verses4

Jesus often used questions to teach answers and to bring people to an authentic relationship with him. He was also so personal with people by asking them questions- Jesus asked 80 questions just in the Bible book, Luke! By asking our kids questions, we teach them to do the same with others. It is also such a great way to get to know someone better… How often do we ask our own kids questions just to get to know them better, or to help them reflect on their own faith?

Here are some fun and serious question ideas: You could ask your kiddos ones like Jesus did in the verses above, or here’s an imaginative one: In the Bible, after Moses, Joshua continued leading the Israelite people to the promised land, which was a beautiful land promised to them by God and described as flowing with milk and honey. That sounds pretty great doesn’t it!? What would your dreamland be like?

I love learning what’s in our kids’ little minds when they share their simple and sweet answers about who Jesus is, and to watch their creativity come alive in describing their dreamland. Enjoy connecting and getting to know your kids even more this week!

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