Disney Princesses and Women of the Bible: Encouraging Inner-Beauty in our Daughters


My most recently published article…

How do we encourage our daughters to focus on inner-beauty more than outward appearance?

My six-year-old girls love reading the Disney Princess books and dressing up. We’ve visited Disney World and enjoyed every minute of it (except the long lines!) – the magic of kids’ imaginations is heart-warming. However, one summer, as my daughters wore their princess dresses, I imagined them wanting to imitate women who love the Lord like Esther, Deborah, Mary, Ruth and Tabitha.

I began sharing story after story of women in the Bible who sought the Lord with all their heart. We read about Esther saving the Jewish people because of her bravery and loving God and others first. We talked about a simple girl named Mary who was courageous and carried Jesus, the Savior of the world. They learned that Ruth left everything to show compassion for her mother-in-law and that Tabitha cared deeply for the poor because of her love for Jesus.

Who do our daughters want to imitate? Who are their heroes?

The day my daughter, Gracie, told me she wanted to dress up like Esther, it was music to my ears. As we share Bible stories about beautiful hearted women who gained their confidence from God and loved the Lord and others, our daughters will want to imitate these women.

To continue reading the article, go to this link on church.org:  https://www.church.org/2017/12/05/disney-princesses-women-bible-encouraging-inner-beauty-daughters/

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