Create a Sparkle Box with your Kids

Create your own Sparkle Box from a shoebox, decorate one from a craft shop, or find the original fold-out Sparkle Box and book at the link below.
Leading up to Christmas, the family writes ways that each person has loved God and others on notecards and slips them in the gift box.
On Christmas morning, open Jesus’ gift box and read the cards aloud. The Sparkle Box will give our kids a more tangible understanding that loving him and others is the best gift we can give him.
For the original “Sparkle Box”, go to this link:
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3 thoughts on “Create a Sparkle Box with your Kids”

  1. I love it. Thanks for the great idea. I think we will make this part of our Christmas ongoing. I just found a hinged cardboard box on Amazon (actually set a 3) I think we will start with and maybe next year we will find a nice wooden box to decorate. What a great way to keep Christ in Christmas.

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