Snake Bubbles and Other Fun Ideas to Keep the Summer Fun going!

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  1. Make “Rainbow Snake Bubbles*” out of a bottle, “Polka Dot Slime”, “Crystal Names”, “Ice Chalk”, and more! “View the Gallery” of Activities here: 40 Boredom-Busting Activities to do with Kids. (*If you do the snake bubbles, make sure your child does not inhale the bubbles, but blows them out.)
  2. Create an adventurous scavenger hunt walk in your neighborhood or at your house, with the end reward being a Massive Bubble Maker!
  3. Take a hike with your kids (bring gummy bears for inspiration) and ask “Would you Rather” questions for fun conversation. Scroll down for 30 questions!
  4. Put miniature plastic figures in different shaped containers of water and freeze overnight. Pour them on the grass, letting them melt some in the sun. Then let the kids explore and chip away the ice to find the hidden treasures.
  5. Have a classic water balloon fight.
  6. On rainy days, spin a globe or point to a map after closing your eyes, and randomly pick a place to take an imaginary trip to. Have fun researching the country and making that country’s food.
  7. Find a creek to skip rocks on.
  8. Roll up Questions and place them in balloons, and then blow them up. Have your kids pop them to answer the questions, and they might enjoy drawing the answers to the questions. Ideas are: “What would your dreamland be like?”, “If you could create an animal, what would it look like?”, “If you created one invention, what would it be?”, or “Describe your best day.”

Enjoy some quality, connection time with these fun activities!!!

30 Ridiculous Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would you Rather…

  1. Swim in ice cream or donuts?
  2. Never brush your teeth again or never take a bath again?
  3. Would you rather have stinky feet or stinky hands?
  4. Have to crawl everywhere or walk upside down everywhere?
  5. Have a cupcake-making machine in your room or a donut-making machine?
  6. Not wash your hands or hair for a month?
  7. Eat a chocolate covered cricket or a peanut-butter worm?
  8. Hiccup or burp all the time?
  9. Be able to walk on the ceiling or sideways on the wall?
  10. Have 5 noses or 5 eyes?
  11. Sleep on pinecones or spaghetti?
  12. Be smaller than an ant or bigger than a tree?
  13. Hop on one foot or spin everywhere you go?
  14. Have feet on your head or on your knees?
  15. Have Olaf or Snoopy for a pet?
  16. Live in the sea or an underground prairie dog tunnel?
  17. Have noodles or broccoli for hair?
  18. Have a slide or pole instead of stairs?
  19. Have an elephant’s trunk or a giraffe’s neck?
  20. Be a bird or dolphin?
  21. Be a chameleon so you can change colors, or be a cheetah so you can run as fast as a car?
  22. Live on a cloud or in the bottom of the sea?
  23. Stand barefoot in a bowl of smooshy bananas or slimy mushrooms?
  24. Have your tongue or your hands stuck in a bottle?
  25. Only be able to yell or whisper?
  26. Go to the beach or mountains?
  27. Be sprayed with a snail’s gooey liquid or a spider web?
  28. Be able to walk on water or on the top of trees?
  29. Sleep with a helmet on or with your shoes on?
  30. Ride on a Cloud or a Rainbow?

2 thoughts on “Snake Bubbles and Other Fun Ideas to Keep the Summer Fun going!”

  1. What fun ideas for kids. I will be babysitting two of my grandchildren for a week and needed some creative ways to keep them busy with some fun activities. Thanks for the suggestions.

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