8 Quick Responses to our Kids’ Complaints!


1. “I’m bored.” Response: “I have jobs I could use your help with like cleaning the toilets. If you can’t find something to do, I will definitely find something.

(My goal is to use a kind tone with these, but I don’t always succeed there!)

2. “I don’t have any clothes!” Response: “Let’s go through your clothes and find ones that work and give away ones that don’t.”

3. “I want more food.” Response: “Try again.” Then, wait until you hear, “Please.”

4. “I don’t like this food!” Response: “I’m happy to make crickets for you like some around the world eat.” It helps to throw some humor in sometimes! While I have said that jokingly, you could say, “That’s what’s for dinner. Let’s be thankful. If you complain, we can have it again tomorrow.”

5.“But my friends get to do it!” Response: “Every family is different. Sorry, but these are our family rules.”

6.“But all my friends have that toy!” Response: “Good for them, but we have plenty. So many kids around the world have none or 1 toy. Let’s find some to give away.” The “Rich Young Ruler” is a great Bible story that talks about how “more, more, more” doesn’t make you happy. The Rhyme Bible reflects this story well for kids.

7.When they speak rudely to a friend or sibling. Response: “(Insert your family’s last name) speak kindly. That’s not okay. Try again.

8.“That’s not fair!” Response: “I know that’s hard, but you’re right, life’s not always fair.”

Everything in our house isn’t always smooth sailing, but these responses have definitely helped. And, when our kiddos do show humility and gratefulness, let’s praise their reactions like crazy! What are some of your responses to your kiddos’ complaints? Comment below – I’d love to hear. (:

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