Correcting in Quietness

pexels-photo-701014“The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools.” Ecclesiastes 9:17

When we’re around friends or in public, correcting in quietness has been far more effective than correcting loudly. Attracting attention like that just embarrasses our children and others, and most of us would rather not be called out in public either. (;

When we’re around friends and one of my kids misbehaves, I walk over to him or her and whisper to come chat with me in the other room. Or, I’ll whisper my expectations in my child’s ear – whatever attracts the least amount of attention. Sometimes I’ll let them know the consequence if they don’t follow through and other times I’ll just give a little reminder.

Continuing with those quiet voices in the home, when it’s just us, is far more challenging, but something I’m striving for. When frustrated, it can be helpful to leave the room instead of regretting words said or to send our children to their room if they’re old enough, to lower our voices to keep control, and to pray – when humility leads us, it’s harder to “shout like a ruler of fools.” While I fail at this many times, I am encouraged that Jesus is our DAILY bread, that his mercies are new EVERY morning, and that He make us more like him when we run to him. Amen to that!

Let’s take on confident, but quieter voices this week when correcting our kiddos so they can be REASSURED with our consistency and BUILT UP by our gentleness and love.

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