When our kids don’t act Perfectly


I remember when one of my kids was five and lied about something small. I was shocked since we talk often about telling the truth. Are you also surprised when your child acts up? Why do I expect them to be perfect when I sure am not? It’s as though once I’ve told them how to behave, Poof! They should be perfect robots who do all right, and I am dumbfounded when they don’t.

While we should have expectations for them, I remember reading that a child’s job is to see what they can get away with. Our job is to be consistent with discipline. But just because we are, doesn’t mean they will act perfectly. When my child lied about that tiny thing, I brought up PV 12:22 and gave him a natural consequence. Time and time again, I am called to keep at it – we, as parents, are called to love our kids and keep at it.

Lord, help us stay committed to discipline when we want to throw in the towel. Remind us of our shortcomings when we are so shocked by our kids’, so we can have a spirit of humility. Make us more like you so our kids will also be drawn to be more like you. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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