“Do not worry.” Jesus


Do you worry much? When I do this, I try to think of Jesus’ powerful words, “Do not worry.” This quote by Sissy Goff also encourages me to relax and not worry: “Fearful parents raise fearful kids.”

This idea was magnified at a playground. A boy stood at the top of a spider web climber and his mother told him multiple times, “Be careful!” (Isn’t it so easy to let those words roll off our tongues!). Then the boy fell between the ropes and cried. His mom comforted him. He bravely said, “I want to try again.” His mom said, “No, you just fell and got hurt.” The boy screamed and cried because he wanted to try again, but his mom wouldn’t let him. So they sat on the bench instead.

Maybe that was right for her son. I know all kids are different and have different needs. I do believe in trying something again if they fall so they’re not fearful, but I also know that can be hard as a parent. That scenario made me reflect on how often I say, “Be careful” or say it by my actions. It made me want to open my hands more so my kids aren’t afraid, but feel confident and capable. Most importantly, I want my kids to take to heart the powerful words of Jesus, “Do not worry” and to get their confidence from Him.

Lord, please replace our worries with your peace. I pray each person reading this would experience the power that comes from believing in you and going after your kingdom. Thank you, Lord, that you are far beyond the things of this world. Your love surpasses all. Your peace surpasses all. Your greatness surpasses all. Please lift up each person reading this now. You see them. You know them. You hear them. Lord, please come quickly to them and bless them immensely with the presence and power of your Spirit. Your Kingdom. Your Love. You. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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