Making Memories in the Waiting

fullsizeoutput_745eWaiting is relative. Waiting for traffic to die down, your turn in line, a house contract, a job promotion. And then there’s waiting to see if your child will survive or waiting after a brutal surgery to see if all the cancer is gone. That is excruciating waiting.

While waiting is relative, it’s still tough, especially for children, but it is SO good for them. It reminds them that all will not be at their beckon call. Let’s show our kids they have two choices in the waiting: to waste time or enjoy it.

Going old school on you- the Berenstain Bears video, “Grow It”, is a great episode for younger kids on making the most of the waiting.

I often have to remind myself that MEMORIES ARE MADE IN THE WAITING.

This life is it, so let’s not get our feet stuck in the mud, but instead, rise up and take in what lies in front of us. Just like in the picture, my son, Bates, peered into the hollow of that tree to discover, instead of wasting the moment.

Lord, help us to dive into the moment at hand and not get lost in the waiting. Whatever waiting place each person reading this is in, please cover them and their families with your peace. In the “easier” waiting moments, help us to not grow frustrated, but to find joy in them. In the hard waiting place, I pray John 6:33 would bring hope today: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” In Jesus Name, amen.



IMG_1257And, here are some random helpful tidbits.

1. I finally got a weekly meal chart after seeing my friend’s years ago! It’s been so helpful and cleared up the chaos in my mind with dinner planning!
2. On Fridays, I put a joke in the kids’ lunch boxes. Brings them a laugh and they love it!
3. Letting our kiddos read books in their bed before bedtime has been one of the best things we’ve done. It’s calmed them, created a routine, and grown a love of reading. We started when they were 3. Even though they couldn’t read then, they loved looking at books, and I would read the books to them during the day. Now, they’re 7 and they still enjoy reading their books in bed (we get all our books from the library). If we’re hanging out late with friends or have sports, we skip it, but most nights they read before bed. We’ve started alternating which child my husband, Christian, and I read to each night for 5 or 10 minutes. That’s been great too.
Please comment and share your helpful tidbits too!

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