One of the best ways to love our children.

This sure can be hard sometimes, right?

When I’m caught up in the agitation, the frustration, the annoying aspects of my kids, I try to stop and remember.

Remember that they are gifts.

Remember that, today, they are right in front of me.

Remember that God chose me to be their mama.

Remember that I’m not perfect either. And, remember the parts of them that I celebrate. That I love. That are endearing to me.

If it’s a moment where we as parents are about to lose it, then let’s cool down, walk to the other room, pray, thank the Lord for our kids, and ask Him to help us.

If it’s our kids who are in the wrong, let’s send them to their rooms, so they can regroup, so we can regroup, remembering that our job as parents is to mold them, to show them what it looks like to take breaks when we need them, to breath, and then to reconnect.

Don’t forget.

What is it that you love about your child? What about your child makes you smile?

Many times our kids just need to know that we like who they are.

That we simply want to spend time with them.

That we enjoy who they are.

Today, let’s love our kids by simply enjoying them. ❤



Mamas, Dads, let your kids be kids.

Let’s allow them to enjoy this fleeting time of childhood by not giving into societal pressure of giving them every single thing they want.

By not allowing them to have phones too early. By not allowing them to get on social media too early.

By not giving them every sing thing they want “because everyone in their class has it.”

I know it’s hard, but our job isn’t to appease our kids. Our job is to do what’s best for them.

Find others who think similarly so your kids know they’re not alone in that.

Sissy Goff, Christian counselor, says to not worry about whether or not we’re moving our kids to the next stage quick enough – that it’s good to try to keep our kids as young as we can while we can. They’ll move on naturally when they’re ready.

Let’s not rush them through childhood because childhood happens once.

This is their chance for exploring,

Their chance for adventuring,

Their chance for developing who they truly are, not based on others’ opinions of them.

Let’s not hamper that growth because they’re busy scrolling, letting others define who they are.

They’ll have a time when they’re older and mature to get that technology, but there is so much more to life right now that is right before their eyes.

Don’t let them miss it.

Let’s let our kids be kids.

“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I will praise the Lord, who counsels me. I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalm 16


Update on my dad: They took my dad off the vent today and he’s on the nasal canula opti-flow right now. They’re watching him closely tonight and the next few days to see if he needs to go back on it or if he’s doing well and doesn’t need to, and if they can continue to lower the settings. These next few days continue to be big for him. He’s so strong- I know he can do this. Continuing to pray – thx so much for praying. ❤️

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