It’s the Small Big Things.

This ICU nurse, Katherine, blew me away. My dad has been in the ICU for several months now because of covid. He’s such a strong, amazing person and we’re are continuing to pray for the Lord to heal him.

During this time, since he hasn’t been able to shave, he’s grown a “Cast Away beard”, as one of the doctors called it. We knew it would make him feel more like himself to have the beard shaved off so we asked some of the nurses if they could.

The nurses are so busy, so it’s hard for them to find time to do that.

But, Katherine – tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this – stayed an hour after her shift to shave him. She stayed. For him. For us. To do this small big thing. Katherine said that he is so sweet, and that she loves taking care of him.

Those words, “I love taking care of him.” Those words.

Katherine gets my dad. She’s taken the time to get my dad. She understands he’s a man of kindness, heart, and courage, and that means so much to us.It’s the small big things. You know?

Another nurse, Courtney, cares so much about my dad. And, even though she hasn’t had him as a patient for quite a while, she checks on him every single day she’s working. She’s also given us her cell phone number to be there for us. Amazing.

Thank you, Katherine and Courtney, for caring – for being there for my dad in these small big ways. It means the world. Lord, may we also have open eyes and hearts to be there for others in small big ways. To notice. To see. To care. To know that these small big things can make the difference in someone’s day, someone’s week, someone’s faith, someone’s life. ❤

(If you’d like to stay updated on how my dad is doing, I’ll be putting updates on the following link: Thank you so much for praying for him- it means the world.)


I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my dad’s mouth.

I was in high school and had made a really bad decision. When I sat there on the couch awaiting my dad’s words, I was anxious and filled with remorse and embarrassment.

I figured he would drown me with words of reprimand. I deserved it.

But, instead, you know what he said?

They were words that filled my soul and changed my life direction:

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Believing in Your Kids When They Mess Up Changes Everything



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