There’s a Way to Speak with Love in our Words…

I’m not saying we should agree with everyone. But there’s a way to speak with love in our words when we disagree, and then there’s a way to speak in a way where we lose sight of the person’s heart, the person’s story, the person.

When that happens, we’ve lost sight of what Jesus calls us to: Love.

Again, I’m not saying to go along with everything or to not disagree. There is definitely a place to speak up, but if we can do that through the lens of love, I believe our words will come out far differently.

I never want someone to feel like I care more about expressing a particular opinion than the person right in front of me. What changes hearts isn’t hateful, intense, and angry banter, but listening ears and speaking in ways that consider the person’s story you’re speaking to. That changes the person from feeling invisible to seen, even if you’re disagreeing with them.

Lord, when we feel heated, disarm us. Help us to be led by your Spirit, to let go of hate, to lead with love, to speak up when we need to, but also to do it out of love, and with a heart that always points to you and to your greatest commands: to love You, and to love others. In Jesus’ Name, amen.




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