Martha Gets a Bad Rap & 3:00

Martha gets a bad rap. 

We often hear about how Martha was busy and distracted in Luke 11, while her sister, Mary, chose what was better and sat at Jesus’ feet and listened. 

But, do you know which of the two sisters was the first one to greet Jesus after her brother, Lazarus, died? 

Martha, but “Mary stayed at home.” (John 11:20)

That’s the part about Martha that often gets left out: Martha listened to Jesus and changed. 

Jesus cares deeply about us changing and turning our hearts to him. 

Martha wasn’t distracted this time. She went out to meet Jesus right away. 

What we see in this story is a beautiful testimony of change. 

Martha didn’t worry about preparing her home for Jesus like last time, but went out to meet him. 

Martha was given another chance and chose what was better: Jesus.

And I think that was pretty honoring to the Lord. 

Friends, that’s the gospel.





In Jesus. 

Through his death and resurrection.

We are given new life and new hope, when we turn to him.

In our mess-ups, our mistakes, our less than, Jesus meets us there. 

He lets us know where we can have real life, and then wants us to choose that. To choose Him.

Martha might have chosen jealousy and bitterness at first, but later she chose what was better. 

When we seek the Lord, he transforms our hearts and also gives us a chance to choose what’s better. 

We will fall short time and time again since we’re human, but Jesus longs for us to choose the better way: Him.

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” John 14:6

“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live.” Jesus (John 11:25)–_________________________________

Thankful that His grace and mercies are new every morning. ❤️



During WWII, people all over the world prayed for peace at the same time every day. It is called The Silent Minute. 

At 3pm each day, my friends and I are praying for our country and the world, and we’d love for you to join us! I set a daily reminder for 3pm to remind my kids and I to pray for 3 things:

1. Healing, peace, & reconciliation for our country and world,
2. Wisdom for leaders, and
3. For people to turn to Jesus.

I hope you’ll join us! There is power in praying together. ❤️

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

More Good, Less Great & Letting Our Kids Be Where They Are


“Letting Our Kids Be Where They Are”

Why do we push, push, push our kids to reach an invisible line we draw?

We of course want our children to thrive and do their best, but when we push them too much, what’s our end-goal? 

If we think they’re ahead or behind, what’s the standard? What’s that line we NEED to get them to?


Our kids are at the level where they are because that’s where they are.

It’s not necessarily bad or good, it just is. It might look one way to the world, but to the Lord, it just is.

Drive and determination are big to me, but I’ve also been trying to breathe easier and release that invisible line I draw.

If the frustration or tears arise in our kids, that’s a great time to take a break, a breather, and then see where they are, so we can meet them there.

Right where our kids are, instead of pushing them ahead when they’re not ready.

When we loosen our grip on that line, our kids’ determination might even improve because they’ll be at their own pace and feel more capable.

What are your deepest hopes for your kids?

What matters most?

I want my kids 

to have integrity,

to have drive,

to love learning,

to love Jesus,

to love others.

But, to be the best?

To be number one?

To always rise above the next kid?

I’m okay if that’s not the case because my goal for them is not to be “the best”. 

What I want to know is

are my children only looking out for themselves or are they considering others?

Are they reaching out to kids who are left out?

Are they serving with love?

That matters deeply to me.

The Scripture that seeps into my mind is Matthew 20:16 when Jesus says, “the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

Those who choose to love and serve others really live.

Are we directing our children toward what matters? 

Toward honesty?




loving Jesus?

loving others?

Because at the end of the day, we take none of the temporal things with us. 

What lasts are eternal things we’ve invested in.

Yes, instilling drive, perseverance, and diligence is important, but let’s also ask ourselves in parenting our kids, what are we prizing the highest?

If it’s to outshine the next person or to meet a particular standard just because, let’s reevaluate.

Let’s encourage our kids to work hard and do their best with a settling calm of letting them be where they are – 

enjoying them right now, in the place they’re in.

As parents, while our kids mimic so much of what we do, let’s notice what we’re seeking after most,

and pursue the things that last…

Loving Jesus,

Loving others.

That’s what I want my kids to invest in.

That’s where the kingdom of God is found. 


I love this perspective by Emily Ley. Yes! ❤️


Lord, no matter what’s going on, help us to find peace & joy in You. ❤️