A Vision that Came to be & A Radio Interview

One of the visions I had became reality by the grace of God. In the middle of my dad’s 10 months at the hospital fighting the effects of covid, I had a vision of handing my devotional to him. But, it wouldn’t be released until October 5, 2021, so I didn’t know if I would get to.

It was important for me to be able to put it in his hands because he was my biggest encourager whenever I heard a “no” from a publisher. He kept telling me “Remember, Linsey, polite persistence and it will happen – just keep moving forward and the right publisher will find you.” And, he was right.

I remember a facetime call I had with my dad when I told him my book was about to be released – I couldn’t hear his voice because of the tracheostomy and being on the ventilator, but his cheers came through loud and clear. He threw his fist into the air over and over celebrating with me.

How could someone going through so much and being in so much pain still have so much joy for me? He blows me away. That’s just who my dad is.

Growing up, he was the one who taught me to ask questions – to care deeply about people and to be interested in others- not just through telling me, but through showing me. He always had great interest in others’ lives.

A unique part of my devotional is the questions within the stories – not just at the end. He taught me how to intermix questions within conversation and stories, and that’s reflected all throughout my devotional. Because of him.

It was important for me to put it in his hands because he taught me growing up that the heart matters most. He always made it clear that people were far more important than money and things. He taught me to love deeply. And that is the heart of my devotional.

On the night of October 5th, I got the fourth call over the course of that 10 months that my dad not might not make it, so I drove to Atlanta to see him.

He had not been connecting or awake those few days. On October 6th, I got there with my devotional in hand, not knowing what to expect.

When I walked in that day, he was himself. He was wide awake with that awesome smile and face of his. And I got to hug him and put my devotional in his hands, just as I had envisioned.

That look he gave me on my wedding day in 2011 when he shook his head in such pride at me, was the same look he gave me in that moment – his head shaking with a smile, pride beaming from his eyes.

What a gift that was.

My dad – one of the biggest influences on my life. One of the big reasons my devotional came to be. The one who continued pushing me to follow my dream and to have polite persistence – always believing in me – no matter what.

God I’m so thankful I had that moment with my dad.

He’s such an incredible person and father and I got to enjoy him that day before he went to be with Jesus on October 21st.

God I miss him so much. But, he’s in so many reflections of us…in my son Bates’ unrelenting encouragement & joy, in my daughter Brooklyn’s deep compassion, in my daughter Gracie’s many questions, in my mom’s loyalty and love, in my brother Brett’s passion & being friends with everyone, in my brother Corey’s glass half-full attitude, and as many say, in my smile.

While life can be hard, very hard, it can also be very beautiful, and I sure am thankful not just for that beautiful moment I had with him, but for all the beautiful moments I have had with my dad. So many people loved my dad so much, and to think that I got him as my dad.

May we all cherish the gift of those who are right in front of us, one day at a time, one moment at a time. ❤

Lord, in our heartaches would you meet us here. Thank you for the sweet moments you give us each day – help our eyes to see them and not miss them. Whatever the person reading this is dealing with, meet them in it. Lift them up, refresh their soul. It can hurt so badly, but we can rest knowing that you love us so deeply and have given us the greatest hope we could ever ask for in Jesus. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

You can find my devotional here: LinseyDriskill.com/Devotional


My 20-minute Radio Interview on KBRT just aired. You can listen to it here:


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